Life of Programmers

Today I finally added Corbin’s blog to my list. Although he joined Apple, his posts are still worth reading because his life is amazing.

I never thought a programmer can enjoy so many funny things in life. Corbin is good at unicycle and rock climbing, and contributes his spare time on those interesting activities. And now Corbin has moved to his new house with his girlfriend.

Now switch to boring life of a programmer in China. He or she is not paid well, and cannot afford buying an apartment in Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen (BTW renting a room is also expensive). He or she needs to work more than 8 hours a day in order to finish projects on time. He or she has limited time to play sports or visiting friends…So, being a Chinese programmer, it seems that you are doomed to be a bit of unhealthy, isn’t it?

My Shanghai life is kind of in between. I do not need to work that long, so I have time to enjoy badminton, to watch movies, and to maintain my open source project.

In your country, what is the life of a programmer?

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Last updated on April 19, 2024