LeXtudio Fund: Initial Thoughts

I run a few open source projects under the title of LeXtudio. In the first few years all of them did not bring me any money. But my job at Fortune 500 companies (Cisco Systems/Microsoft in the past, and Morgan Stanley now) gives me enough to afford living in the most expensive (Shanghai) city in China, and now I even want to buy a small apartment this year.

But recently CodePlex collaborates with the Lounge and I can publish ADs on the project pages. As a result, a small amount of money can be received every year (40 USD approximately). So the projects start to make money.

I do have received two donations, one from Michael Giagnocavo (€3*.**) back in Aug 2008, and the other from Andrea Bertolotto ($1**.**) in this month. I have to say they sent me a lot compared to what I imagined. I really appreciate their generous offer.

Then how can I make good use of all the money received from the open source projects? I am still trying to figure out what can be the best way(s). So today, this post simply announces that I put the money into a fund (LeXtudio Fund). I will provide more details when I start to make use of it.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024