HoneyCell Drops: Now Comes 6.0 Codename for #SNMP

For #SNMP, the codenames for every releases implicitly contain the release numbers. Now comes HoneyCell, our next release (6.0).

For a very long time, we have done little on the compiler side. It has been asked several times that whether we will enhance it to provide more features. And now the answer is loud and clear. Yes, we will do something in this release.

First, we will try to extract more information from MIB documents, such as object description and so on. Second, the browser will display such information to the users. Third, we will use the compiler to compile MIB documents to C# classes so that extending our agent becomes easier.

The three items above may sound not too much, but once we are able to ship it, you will see how amazing it can be.

Besides, we will review all possible areas to improve the library and other parts along the way.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024