IE 8 Beta 1 Bugs on Windows Vista

I have just installed Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 on my Windows Vista. Notice that I am using a Simplified Chinese Vista, so I expected some issues, and I was right.

After installing it, I cannot find any IE 8 shortcut in Start Menu. The only way to launch it is to go to Program Files\Internet Explorer folder and executing iexplore.exe directly.

And I am sure only a few people met the second bug like me. I’ve been using Vista SP1 RC since last December, so this IE 8 Beta denied to install. After uninstalling the SP1 RC (which takes about a hour), I finally got IE 8 installed.

Compared to Firefox 3, I do not find anything that is that innovative and unique right now. Maybe I need to try it more later.

BTW, I found Yahoo! Mail is the worst mail system around the market because its AJAX toolkit does not support both Firefox 3 and IE 8 (while Gmail works well in both).

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Last updated on May 01, 2024