How This Blog Goes to Medium

I used to host my personal blog at different vendors (CSDN, Blogger), and later decided to use a self instance of WordPress. Freedom comes at a price. Now I finally become tired of all the maintenance work and get back to a vendor like Medium.

Its simplicity impresses me, so I made a migration in just a few minutes and decided to set up my custom domain. That was how nightmare jumped in.

  1. Custom domain policies were just changed when I applied. I was asked to wait.
  2. Custom domain setup started to be charged (was free in the past), and it costs 75 USD now (one time fee).
  3. Custom domain process is not smooth. I followed the steps and my site went down for hours. The current process should work fine if you never use that custom domain in the past. But if you do have a previous site, think twice before switching to Medium at workdays. Maybe you should wait till a weekend.

Anyway the support guys were quite helpful at my inquiries and every issues were fixed. I have no more to complaint.

Update: I used Cloudflare and Google Webmaster Tools so extra configuration is required.

First, Rocket Loader™ must be disabled under Speed, or you lose all menus.

Second, a few Page Rules are needed to ask the search engines to index the new pages. Luckily I configured Google Webmaster Tools a while ago and now can easily see what Crawl Errors are.

Third, make sure to submit the new sitemap at Google Webmaster Tools.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024