HardQuery Report: Sharp Builder Tools and others are reborn inside CBC

(CSDN Oct 08, 2006)

When I made JCFExpert for Delphi 2005, I borrowed Sharp Builder Tools’ code base. At that moment, SBT is already out of date. There is no official version of SBT supporting Delphi 2005 and I did not plan to make it happen.

When BigFace (CBC 2.4) was released, I had begun to port in many other projects. WalkPace (5.0) introduced LeXDK, which made such kind of migration much more smooth. So, more and more features appear in newer versions of CBC. Some are made by me, such as InDate and Source Navigator, while others are ported from open source community.

When Borland held the OTA contest and many great projects were created, I believe nobody could predict that one day most of the projects could be merged into one. LeXDK makes this come true. Now, I am glad to announce that ArtCSB 2.5 (written by Artyom Fedyuk), Sharp Builder Tools 3.1 (1st place in the contest, David Hervieux), Add Many 4.1, C#Builder Goodies 1.1 (2nd place in the contest, written by Valentino Kyriakides) are working together well now inside CBC (though some features are dropped). In fact, I have a plan to port in marc rohloff’s Favourites Menu for C# Builder and Delphi for .NET (3rd place in the contest), but it is harder (Valentino is the co-worker of David so C#Builder Goodies has a similar structure like Sharp Builder Tools. However, marc has a unique architecture for his tool).

It is lately that I have time to finish porting ArtCSB and SBT. So, when you install latest builds or the final HardQuery Update 5.2.1.*, you will certainly enjoy the new features immediately.

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