HardQuery Report: R2U1 RC3 is available from now on

(CSDN Dec 07, 2006)

I have to say time passes on so fast. It is already December now and it is cold outside.

I am still hunting for a job now, but during the tiny little breaks I add more stuffs into CBC. You have seen many new changes in the first two RCs, and in this one you will see some more.

The InDate UI is very compact this time, so by default, InDate starts with BDS to ensure your CBC is up-to-date.

Also, log4net is taking the place of Marc Clifton’s Debug unit. I add a new unit LoggingService in the Lextm.Common assembly.

I should have spent more time on my career but I think I cannot drop CBC. The new year is coming and I wish to send all my dear friends a present. And you know and I know a new, stable, and feature-rich CBC version 5.3.1 will be it.

Stay tuned. After I update the documents I will make the release ready.

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