HardQuery Report: Prepare, for Highlander

(CSDN July 13, 2006)

It is last year that MS released .NET 2.0. However, for Borlanders .NET 2.0 will come in early 2007.

Lately I have been prepared to learn something on ASP.NET 2.0 so I try to compile CBC against .NET 2.0. It is very simple if NAnt is used. Change the -t:net-1.1 to -t:net-2.0 and everything works fine. However, it is not what it looks like.

Notice that CBC links to some other open source assemblies. All of them were compiled against .NET 1.1. So on a computer where only .NET 2.0 is available, I am not confident that CBC can run correctly.

What is lucky? All of them are open source, so I can compile the source against .NET 2.0. SMS.Windows.Forms, csbgoodies, and SharpZipLib are easier than AddMany (currently, I cannot find a easy way to compile delphi for .NET code although the compile is capable of doing so).

Since HighLander will come so late, I have plenty of time to finish this migration. Wish myself good luck.

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