HardQuery Report: More features ported into ArtCSB Plus

(CSDN Sept 27, 2006)

Artyom Fedyuk created ArtCSB. However, this useful plug in was not updated for a long period. As a result, users can not easily get a version for delphi 2005 and delphi 2006.

Since HardQuery Final, a new Plus, ArtCSB Plus, has been added in CBC. It based on ArtCSB 2.5, and included modifications that made it LeXDK compatible.

Last time, I only ported Designer Navigator feature. Today I am glad to announce that all left features are ported into ArtCSB Plus.

The original about form is kept because Artyom leaves important tip inside. I do want all of the users to remember that these useful functions are not implemented by me, but Artyom, who had created such a nice tool.

I will add this new plus into Update 1. There is a few modifications and tests needed.

Stay tuned.

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