HardQuery Report: Milestone 8

(CSDN Sept 04, 2006)

M7 is released on GForge. Some tiny problems were found and fixed in that version,

  • Timer unit is renamed to Stopwatch, which provides similar functions as Stopwatch class in .NET 2.0.
  • Assembly unit is renamed to AssemblyHelper. Many functions are modified heavily.

I decided to release M7 as the last milestone for HardQuery, but it had some bugs, too. I found them and fixed them soon, so I provide M8 and wish it would be the last.

Also, many beta features are disabled as I wish to do in the final. NFamily is now disabled by default. ComponentNamer in WiseEditor Plus is disabled, too.

Yesterday I built a new plus, ArtCSB, Plus based on an open source project ArtCSB. A Beta version of that will be included in HardQuery Final. You should find it quite useful if you do a lot of WinForms or WebForms development.

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