HardQuery Report: ArtCSB Plus

(CSDN Sept 05, 2006)

As a C#Builder user, I often find it hard to access the component I want when there are a lot of them inside a form or user control. What’s missing? A component tree. The Structure View is empty when you are editing WinForms or WebForms. This is very bad.

ArtCSB 2.5

I forgot when I met ArtCSB on Borland Developer Network Code Central.

It adds a form which displays a component tree. When you click a component caption on the tree, corresponding component is selected on the Form Designer. This is the Designer Navigation feature.

Besides, ArtCSB provides other useful features, though some of them I do not use.

ArtCSB Plus

ArtCSB 2.5 is very old. It can not run with delphi 2006 without corrections. As a result, I decide to bring it back with LeXDK 5.2. It is quite easy, and only takes me a few hours.

You will see this plus in HardQuery M9. Only tiny changes occur inside LeXDK. I think it is stable enough.

After M9, I will release HardQuery Final. Although NFamily, ArtCSB and WiseEditor are not so stable, LeXDK itself is quite stable now. Possible bugs will be addressed by Hotfixes or Update.

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