GrapeVine Voice: Miles Further?

I am not yet sure whether GrapeVine M10 is stable enough but it is the last Milestone build for 6.0. I am expecting to release a stable release of 6.0 sooner or later. I am now targeting some day in December before the Christmas. Like in the previous years, I want the new release to be a present for all my dear users, my friends.

I will stop working on new features for a while and test the current code base as much as possible. And can you help? Yes, keep firing me the bug reports! I would fix anything as soon as possible.

Sometimes it is real fun to see reports and rush to my feet to find a fix. I appreciate those who once submit great reports, and hope everyone can do the same when you meet a trouble with CBC.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024