GrapeVine Voice: Items Won't Fix Now

Have to say the sound of fireworks outside the window is so loud. The whole nation is waiting for the coming of Chinese New Year. The PIG is leaving and the MOUSE is coming.

So after a half day working on 6.0 Final, I cleared several items from the list. Sorry that I hadn’t listed the items in that post. And in this post I am going to list what items would be fixed in a later version such as 6.0.1 (GrapeVine Update 1).

Why? Some features would be re-implemented in the future in order to catch up with RAD Studio changes I did not take care of in the past. And some features require heavy improvement which may take even more time. Sorry for the convenience.

The “won’t fix” list consists of,

  • Several dialogues have layout issues, such as Hexa Dump.
  • Clean Project Folder needs an update to go with RAD Studio.
  • File Aid does not fully support .NET 2.0 stuffs.
  • Designer Navigator does not fully support old Delphi for .NET WinForms projects (because CodeGear removes WinForms support, but ASP.NET support is there).

Stay tuned. 6.0 Final should be out in a few hours.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024