GrapeVine Voice: Issue ID 2 On Homepage

This is an urgent notice to my dear users of Code Beautifier Collection 6.0 M5. It seems that there is something changed in ToolsAPI so a new bug is found in M5. The details are described in this report.

I have already reproduced this bug and started to see what’s wrong inside. I am not sure whether it can be solved in a week, so please follow the workaround I provided in the reply to that report and turn off TypingSpeeder feature.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Stay tuned.

BTW, this case strongly reminds me of an important feature that CBC lacks. Whenever there is a big issue I want all users to know, I should publish the notice somewhere and CBC should be able to find it and display to the users. I will see how to achieve this in a later version of CBC. Also I believe the design can be reused in a lot of other applications.

(Updated: I have found a fix but it will take me two or three days to code and test. M6 will be out once I finish.)

(Update Again: Sorry that the first fix failed. And I have to try another way this week. Wish I can publish M6 soon. Stay tuned.)

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Last updated on April 19, 2024