GrapeVine Voice: Castalia Author's Post

I have been reading posts about upcoming Delphi 2009 (code name Tiburon) for weeks, but I love this post from Castalia’s author Jacob.

Yes, because Unicode will be everywhere necessary inside Tiburon (compiler, RTL, VCL, and IDE), Jacob have to update Castalia source code somewhere. I don’t know if the GExperts maintainers have a blog but I know that they have to update GExperts for Unicode, too.

Do I need to update Code Beautifier Collection for Tiburon? I have no idea this time. CBC is written in C# and .NET, so it is already Unicode based. Therefore, if there is no significant changes in the OTA for .NET, I hope I can release a build for Tiburon soon after its birth.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024