GrapeVine Voice: 6.0 Final is Out And Donation is Welcome

I have just released the GrapeVine Final as version After unsuccessful M11 and M12, I decide to skip M13. That is why the final release is the 14th build.

Major changes are,

  1. + Vista look and feel and task dialogue is used wherever suitable.
  2. + Vista UAC compliant.
  3. * Installation experience is improved.
  4. + Object Pascal code style editor is added.
  5. * All bugs reported to Google Code homepage are fixed.

This is new About dialogue. You may notice there is one more button. Yes, now you can donate to this project. Finally I set up a PayPal account for Code Beautifier Collection.

You can also donate via my blog by clicking the Donate button.

From now on I can start to enjoy my holidays.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024