First new features on WalkPace

(Originally posted to CSDN on March 07, 2006)

It was last week that I decided to slow down my development a little bit in order to keep pace with my study. However, good ideas kept on coming. So, I have to say that WalkPace stage has come.

Remember that I disabled “shortcut settings” in BigFace. Now it is coming back.

Also, I will start to port in more SBT functions. But this time, I have ported in C#Goodies’ function Doc Preview. I uses SharpDevelop a lot now, so I found this feature very urgent for BDS. It is not very hard to do this porting, because in BigFace I set up a better architecture. Later when you can see the code, you will find it easy to port in a feature.

However, I do not think CBC’s refactoring has stopped, so I bet more things are required.

I will carry on.

It will be available in weeks.

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