Features ready for CBC 2 NixNewNer

(CSDN April 21, 2006)

Yes, some features are finished while others not.

Here I update the information.


  1. a Plus Manager to manage Plus and Features.
  2. an Expert Manager to manage both .NET and Win32 BDS plug-ins. It is an updated version of SBT’s Expert Manager. (partial done)

    The above file can also execute as a stand alone executable. By default, it is the Expert Manager. If -p parameter is used, it will be the Plus Manager. Isn’t it wonder?

  3. New Help menus added to BDS’s Help menu.
  4. Updated manuals
  5. New Code Beautifiers Plus codenamed Long Jeans.
  6. New installer.
  7. Mix for BDS, which is a group of useful BDS shortcuts.
  8. More library added like ThirdParty.dll.

Not Ready:

  1. Use ShineOn library to port in some delphi for Win32 code.
  2. Comments for imported SBT code.
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