Delphi Roadmap, Oxygene, And JCF Update

It is wonder to see that Delphi IDE is going to have a code formatter bundled. However, that would happen at least one year later, so Code Beautifier Collection still have its place. There are other importance items listed in the roadmap, so if you are interested in Delphi please take a look at it.

From now on, there is no more Chrome and RemObjects uses Oxygene for this kind of Object Pascal for .NET and Mono instead. Have to say that Delphi guys will envy Oxygene guys somehow because Oxygene has a nice parallel library. But do you remember Allen Bauers’s thread on parallel programming? Seems that something wonderful would come to Delphi, too.

Do you notice that JCF 2.37 becomes dual licensed? The Free Pascal guys this time go faster than Delphi guys again. Once JCF becomes part of the Lazarus IDE, I think coding can be much more funny.

Tiburon is coming, so keep an eye on CodeGear. BTW, CG has a new look now.

(Update: CodeGear is finally sold. Farewell, Borland.)

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Last updated on April 14, 2024