Compiler Promise from Embarcadero

I still keep an eye on Delphi, though I have already stopped working on Code Beautifier Collection. Therefore, I am quite excited at this announcement . Well, it is a bit weird that such an important announcement is placed in Developer Network as a normal article.

When Gordon Li wrote the famous book “Borland Legends” (this book only has Chinese edition), he told us a story about the Delphi compiler. Yes, as this compiler was handed over a few great hands, such as Anders Hejlsberg and Danny Thorpe, and its evolution touches multiple platforms (16 bit, 32 bit Windows, Linux, later .NET, and x64 in the future), we cannot consider it an easy to maintain project. (The C++Builder compiler is another story but should be similar.

So what would happen if the announced compiler architecture comes true? I just cannot wait to see it.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024