Code Beautifier Collection 2.4 Beta 2 is Nearly Ready!

(Originally published to CSDN on Dec 26, 2005)

Currently most features in the roadmap have been added to CBC 2. Since they are mainly user-friendly, the techs used are not hard. It is currently running on my personal computer. I will test it these days.

It should be out on this Thursday or Friday. Keep an eye on BDN Code Central.

Together bundled in BDS 2006 is amazing. I use Audits and Metrics a lot to improve my code. And what’s more, it is really easy to apply design patterns. Now I finally find a great IDE to apply some important theories listed in Design Patterns and Refactoring. Thanks Borland.

I choose a code name for CBC 2.4 Beta 3. That is BigFace.

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