Code Beautifier Collection 2.4 Beta 1 is out!

(Originally published on Dec 20, 2005)

Hey, yesterday I posted this piece on BDN Code Central. Believe me, although there is a Beta word, after so many days usage totally a week, I have found no big problems myself. You can download it here. or search on (I uploaded it there right now). What’s New? 1. A simple but useful installer made with Inno Setup 5. 2. Source code is back. 3. Redone manuals and other documents powered by LaTex.

是的,昨天我在BDN的Code Central上面发布了CBC 2.4 Beta 1。请将它看作是我送给你们的圣诞及新年礼物。我个人已经用了大概一周了,还没有发现大问题。 你可以在这里下载: 或者去,我刚刚在那上面也发布了一个。 新的东西: 1. 一个用Inno Setup 5做的简单的安装程序。 2. 附有源代码(还不能算是全部,因为SharpBuilderTools.Common.dll的源代码没有包含在内)。 3. 用LaTex重做的手册和其他的文档。

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