Chinese Blog Service Providers' War

Take a look at Windows Live Writer’s supported weblog list, you will see no Chinese weblog provider there even though they claims themselves best service providers around here. What they are thinking about?

SINA and SOHU are the two biggest providers in China Mainland who are struggling to attract more users. However, when one user want to move his/her blog from SINA to SOHU (or vice versa), he/she cannot find a easy way. Even when a migration path occurred once, the providers blocked their users as soon as they could.

While Blogger and Windows Live Spaces support more and more service API in order to please their users (especially Writer users) and make migration easier then ever, Chinese providers become more and more stubborn in this field. So I guess one day the Chinese providers would lose the war, as I stopped to use their service a long time ago.

This world (Internet) should be more open in the future and open standards/open source software should win out at last. Isolation would be broken and everyone could enjoy the freedom. A new day has come.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024