CBC 2.4 for BDS 2006 is in BETA!

(Originally published to CSDN on Dec 12, 2005)

It is good news that Delphi 2006, or BDS 2006, has been great. Also, I find that it is easy to upgrade Code Beautifier Collection 2 to support BDS 4.0 IDE. Yes, I have done that work since I installed BDS 4. However, this is the very first time that C++Builder personality is included so more tests are required. I decide to do some basic tests on C++ side this week and release 2.4 Beta 1 next Monday. (C# and Delphi sides I have tested a lot since 2.3). I promise I will send all my users a suitable Christmas present. Please be patient.

很高兴Borland发布了Delphi 2006,正式的名称是BDS 2006(4.0)。真的很不错的东西。而且,我发现很容易把CBC2升级到支持BDS4。但是,这是BDS第一次有了C++支持,所以,这一次我需要做更多的测试工作。因此,我计划本周内尽可能的做一些C++方面的基本测试,并且在下周一发布一个Beta版本(从2.3版本开始,我在C#和Delphi方面做了不少测试了)。我想,用户们可以得到我送出的一份合适的圣诞礼物了。请耐心等待吧。

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