C#Builder Would Be Dropped?

In .NET market, Visual Studio is no doubt the number 1 IDE because Microsoft controls the platform. Now it seems CodeGear has been tired of following MS in this field.

WinForms designer will be dropped in RAD Studio Highlander. However, VCL for .NET and ASP.NET designers will remain.

For Code Beautifier Collection development, this means I cannot build the code in RAD Studio any longer. Because open source SharpDevelop is a great alternative, there is no problem at this moment.

It is nice to see that CodeGear wants to provide something different and distinguishable. VCL for .NET is really a nice feature even though few people try it. The only thing missing there is interoperability between VCL for .NET and .NET FCL. If I can use more classes in FCL (except those in System.Windows.Forms and System.Web.Forms), I would love to use more VCL for .NET. But it seems that when using VCL for .NET, I have to forget about FCL somehow.

Do you know VCL for .NET, please leave a comment here.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024