Books Arrived On Time

I booked several books from about two weeks ago. And luckily it arrived today. That means finally I can read some books at night, not watch the TV plays.

I’d like to say that buying books online is much more convenient than in a book store. In fact, no book stores nearby have a storage as large as Many books cannot be found on the shelves only because the store keeper thinks nobody loves them.

The shortages are,

  1. You have to wait after placing an order.
  2. The books sent to you may not be in perfect quality, because it is selected for you by others.
  3. You can generally know of a book by reading the reviews. So as a complement, I’d like to read the electronic versions at first. Remember some chapters are available at

In all, it is nice to have another way of buying books. The conclusion I draw is that I shall buy more books from the online book stores than from the local ones.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024