Big SORRY goes to those who had downloaded CBC 2.2

(Originally posted to CSDN on Nov 30, 2005)

I am quite sorry that when I uploaded CBC 2.2 to BDN, I had not tested it completely as usual. However, since I’ve done a lot of refactoring, so some changes lead to bugs.

When you install CBC 2.2 as usual, the functions I describe in the manuals cannot be fired. A error dialog will complaint that the file you open is not a valid C/Delphi/XML file. It is my mistake.

As a solution, I am working hard on version 2.3 now, and it is partially done this afternoon. But I have to do a lot of testing this time. So, if you can wait please wait a bit. If you cannot wait, I am sorry that you should search for another tool.

Once the tests are done, I will upload the package to BDN again.

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