Future features#

We are thinking of further SNMP Simulator development in these particular areas:

SNMP credentials via variation modules#

Let variation modules configuring custom SNMPv1/v2c community names and SNMPv3 context names. That would be the alternative way to address simulation data.

Complete SNMP table simulation#

Simulating SNMP table: while the latest Simulator release supports writable OIDs and SQL backend (which also allows for writable OIDs with potentially complex logic triggered by their access), we think a lightweight variation module readily implementing a RowStatus-driven SNMP table would also be handy. Users of that module would invoke it from their .snmprec file for an OID subtree serving their SNMP table. The module would accept basic configuration parameters such as: table columns OIDs and types, valid index ranges, default initialization parameters.

Render simulation data from templates#

Allow rendering simulation data from a template based on user-supplied variables possibly taken from SNMP query, process and host contexts.

SNMP notifications simulation#

SNMP Notifications: current implementation can fully simulate SNMP Command Generator operations. It would be nice to be able to record SNMP Notifications coming from live SNMP Agents, store and replay them at configured rate and possibly modified (variated) values.

Composable simulation data#

Composable devices: the idea is to be able to compose simulated device from specific MIBs the device implements.

Unordered OIDa#

Re-work data files index implementation to allow unordered OIDs and better performance on GETNEXT/GETBULK operations.

If you need one of these or some other feature - please open a feature request at GitHub or e-mail directly to etingof@gmail.com to discuss contractual work possibilities.