Getting SNMP tools#

The SNMP tools are provided under terms and conditions of BSD-style license, and can be freely downloaded from PyPI or GitHub (master branch).

The best way to obtain SNMP tools and dependencies is to pip install them all into a Python virtual environment:

$ python3 -m venv venv3
$ . venv3/bin/activate
$ pip install snmpclitools-lextudio

In case you are installing SNMP tools on an off-line system, the following packages need to be downloaded and installed:

  • PyASN1, used for handling ASN.1 objects

  • PySNMP, SNMP engine implementation

Optional, but recommended:

  • PyCryptodomex, used by SNMPv3 crypto features

  • PySMI for automatic MIB download and compilation. That helps visualizing more SNMP objects

  • Ply, parser generator required by PySMI

In case of any issues, please open a GitHub issue so we could try to help out.