Revision 0.7.0, released 03-03-2024#

  • Changed web site to

Revision 0.6.4, released 11-08-2019#

  • Added support for specifying master or localized SNMPv3 USM keys (-3[mMkK] options)

  • PEP8’ed the whole project

Revision 0.6.3, released 14-04-2019#

  • Upper constraint pysnmp to 5.0.0 in as well

  • Upper constraint pysmi to 0.4.0 and lower constraint it to 0.3.4+

  • Fixed broken -M and -P options to make non-default MIB paths operational

Revision 0.6.2, released 30-12-2018#

  • Bumped upper Python version to 3.7

  • Copyright extended towards 2019

  • Fixed Sphinx links in docs

Revision 0.6.1, released 07-01-2018#

  • The pysnmp-apps project renamed into a hopefully more meaningful snmpclitools

Revision 0.5.3, released 06-01-2018#

  • Added Sphinx docs for the command-line tools

  • The -Oe option implemented to disable integer/bits enumeration rendering.

  • Copyright extended towards 2018

Revision 0.5.2, released 22-12-2017#

  • Fixed SNMP crypto algorithm identifiers to be named consistently after key length rather than MAC length

  • Added strong AES privacy algorithms with Blumenthal key localization

  • Fix to allow longer USM user names (up to 32 octets)

Revision 0.5.1, released 21-11-2017#

  • Added strong crypto support

  • CLI tools usage aligned with the Net-SNMP prototypes for mocking consistency

  • Migrated references from SourceForge

Revision 0.4.2, released 09-08-2017#

  • Harden values renderer against broken SNMP indices

  • Bumped pysnmp dependency to 4.3.9

  • Fixed crash on string value rendering due to improper low-level pyasn1 .prettyOut() call

  • Source code PEP8’ed

  • Author’s e-mail changed, copyright extended towards 2017

Revision 0.4.1, released 12-02-2016#

  • Copyright notice added to non-trivial source code files.

  • Fix to stray trailing OID lurking to snmp* output.

  • Fix to __doc__ use in to make -O0 installation mode working.

Revision 0.4.0, released 28-09-2015#

  • All apps renamed into snmp*.py and moved to scripts/ directory for a more conventional layout.

  • All apps updated to support the latest pysnmp Standard Applications API.

  • Initial integration with the PySMI MIB compiler. The -P<x> option now partially supported. All tools try to download missing ASN.1 MIBs from web site by default.

  • Conditional variable buildValueOnly replaced with two buildObjectName and buildValue at MibViewProxy.

Revision 0.3.4, released 05-10-2013#

  • License updated to vanilla BSD 2-Clause to ease package use (

  • Upper level exception handling improved for all apps.

  • Distribute is gone, switched to setuptools completely.

  • Fix to config.addTargetAddr() invocation – since pysnmp 4.2.3, reworked pysnmp LCD model does not require tagging transport address to bind it with communityName.

Revision 0.3.3, released 30-01-2013#

  • Tools will report snmpclitools package version along with pysnmp version being used.

  • Package meta-information updated.

  • Package version is now in __init__.__version__

Revision 0.3.2, released 21-04-2012#

  • MIB path mangiling reworked

  • Fix to make pysnmptrap INFORM C/L switch operational

Revision 0.3.1, released 06-11-2011#

  • Major overhawl for Python 2.4 – 3.2 compatibility:

    • get rid of old-style types

    • drop string module usage

    • switch to rich comparation

    • drop explicit long integer type use

    • map()/filter() replaced with list comprehension

    • apply() replaced with */**args

    • switched to use ‘key’ sort() callback function

    • modified not to use py3k-incompatible exception syntax

    • dictionary operations made 2K/3K compatible

Revision 0.2.11b#

  • Fix to ignore empty value in pysnmptranslate pretty printer

Revision 0.2.11a#

  • New options (-Cp -Ct -Cc) implemented for pysnmp*walk tools.

  • All tools now report error OID.

  • EOM condition detection adjusted to reflect modified pysnmp API.

  • The pysnmptrap tool code cleaned up.

  • HEX values printout improved.

Revision 0.2.10a#

  • Fix to SNMP Apps: pass contextEngineId and contextName from command line to SNMP App API.

  • The missing pysnmptrap tool added to distro and fixed to make it properly initializing SNMPv1/v2c trap PDU from command line parameters.

Revision 0.2.9a#

  • UDP over IPv6 transport added.

  • Fix to allow SET’ting values to MIB table instances.

Revision 0.2.8a#

  • API versioning mechanics retired (pysnmp_apps.v4 -> pysnmp_apps).

  • Attempt to use setuptools for package management whenever available.

  • The apps are now ready for py2exe processing.

Revision 0.2.7a#

  • Fixes to pysnmptranslate tool to output MIB text fields (DESCRIPTION etc.)

Revision 0.2.6a#


  • Default timeout/retries set to net-snmp default values.

  • AES cipher now supported.

Revision 0.2.5a#


  • The snmptranslate tool implemented.

  • The -d and -D debugging parameters implemented.

  • Minor fixes.

Revision 0.2.4a#


  • pysnmp*walk tools modified to stop walking MIB on end-of-table rather than on end-of-mib to match net-snmp tools behaviour.

  • Bugfix to c/l params scanner – allow other some printables other than alphas and numerics.

  • Handle syntax-less OID’s whenever reported by broken Agents

Revision 0.2.3a#


  • Adjusted to changed SMI model (in pysnmp 4.1.5a)

  • Minor fixes to Object Name command-line parser

Revision 0.2.2a#


  • Adjusted to changed pysnmp.entity.config.addV3User() API

  • Fixes to command-line SNMPv3 protocols parser

Revision 0.2.1a#


  • Re-worked to run on top of the latest pysnmp API (4.1.x)

  • CLI internals have been re-designed towards clearer modularity (see cli/ CVS log for details)

  • pysnmpset/pysnmpwalk/pysnmpbulkwalk tools added

Revision 0.1.1a#


  • Fixed long-pending typo in usage formatting

Revision 0.1.0a#


  • Re-worked to run on top of the latest pysnmp API (4.x)

  • SPARK-based parser used for c/l parsing

  • Rudimental API versioning implemented to let incompatible package branches to co-exist within the same Python installation.

Revision 0.0.3#

  • Bugfix to scripts installation directive at All apps now install as ‘scripts’.

  • CLI classes adjucted to match new abstract ASN1 classes API

Revision 0.0.2#

  • Bugfix to pysnmpwalk – must always send Null value in request variable-bindings.

Revision 0.0.1#

  • PySNMP-based applications split off the pysnmp package and re-released on their own

  • The command line interface to SNMP tools previously shipped along with PySNMP not reworked for a more consistent design and re-released within snmpclitools.