MIB-to-C# Compilation

This page shows you information about how to enable MIB-to-C# compilation.


#SNMP Library has a sample project that can work as a test agent. The agent can be manually extended to support more management objects, but it is possible to compile MIB documents to C# classes so as to simplify the process.

Evaluation Steps

Generating C# Source files

To test it out with #SNMP MIB Compiler Pro, make sure that the menu item “Generate C# source files from MIB documents” is checked on the tool bar. Then C# source files will be generated when MIB documents are compiled, and saved to a child folder called modules in the folder that contains Compiler.exe.

To test out the same with SharpSnmpPro.Mib assembly,

  1. Clone the extensions assembly from GitHub .

  2. Replace the project reference to SharpSnmpPro.Mib with a NuGet package reference to SharpSnmpPro.Mib.

  3. Use ObjectTree.GenerateSourceFiles(string outputFolder) method to generate C# source files.

Extending Test Agent

Once the source files are generated (in modules folder for example), a C# project called Objects.csproj can be found in the same folder.

Open snmpd.csproj in #SNMP Library source code, and add a reference to this new project, and the generated management objects can be added to the agent for testing.


This article is provided as it is, and the goal is to show what extra features are possible to be implemented based on #SNMP Pro.

There is no break-fix support to use either the test agent or the generated C# classes for production usage, but we sell consulting services if you need some specific assistance with your project.