SharpSnmpPro.Mib Assembly Trial Version Reviewers’ Guide#

By Lex Li

This page shows you a guide on SharpSnmpPro.Mib assembly trial version.


The Trial Edition can be requested here , and is packaged up with the latest #SNMP Library. So below are the assemblies in the ZIP package,

  • SharpSnmpPro.Mib.Trial.dll

  • SharpSnmpLib.dll

  • SharpSnmpPro.Mib.Trial.2.1.0.nupkg

Supported Platforms#

The trial edition only supports .NET Framework 4.7.1 and above.

Evaluation Steps#

To test it out, the default test projects can be found at GitHub . It can be cloned to a local folder, such as %temp%\sharpsnmppro-samples .

cd %temp%
git clone
cd sharpsnmppro-samples
git checkout release_2.1

Then extract all the files from the ZIP package to that folder (%temp%\sharpsnmppro-samples for example).

Lastly, execute an extra script to prepare the NuGet local feed,


In Visual Studio you can analyze the two projects in Tests.sln.

Tests.csproj is an NUnit project that shows the below,

  • How to compile and load MIB documents.

  • How to query entity by name.

  • How to check description of entities.

  • How to verify data against entities.

  • How to check OBJECT-TYPE macro specific properties.


The trial edition only support simple entities, while the full edition supports all entities.

snmptranslate.csproj is a console application project that illustrates how to translate OIDs to strings (and vice versa) based on compiled MIB documents.

If new projects are going to be created to test out the Trial Edition, please note that you need to follow the provided samples to,

  1. Include a text file named sharpsnmppro.txt.

  2. The text file must contain exactly “#SNMP MIB Compiler Pro” (without quotes).

  3. Build Action for this text file must be set as Embedded Resource.

Without this text file, the Trial Edition should give you an exception with error message “This assembly is not licensed to you. Please buy a license from LeXtudio…”.

The API reference documentation can be found on the help site .