Signature of Binaries

By Lex Li

This article describes how to verify that you are using official releases of #SNMP.

Release 10.0.10 and Above

Both the NuGet packages and assemblies inside would be signed using Lex Li’s personal code sign certificate, so digitial signature is embedded.

You can use signtool and NuGet CLI to verify the signature. For example,

signtool verify /pa /q SharpSnmpLib.dll
nuget verify -All Lextm.SharpSnmpLib.nupkg

The certificate was issued by DigiCert, and its serial number is ‎04 d8 f7 b9 b4 ba 0c 54 4b b4 8b 87 1c 3b 1c 26, and its thumbprint is ‎46 b0 b0 1a be ec 5a 04 1c a8 6e 6b 28 8a 86 6b c7 34 9e ad.

Release 10.0.9 and Below

As the files have no digital signature, you can only verify the strong names.

The assemblies were signed by a private key, and their PublicKeyToken should be 4c00852d3788e005. For example,

SharpSnmpLib, Version=, Culture=neutral,