Windows Live Apology

It is approved that Writer Beta 2 was a big disaster to all the users. Although it was a Beta, it hurt the users hard.

Today I saw at last the apology from the team who works behind the scene. It is welcome but will it bring relief? Any significant bugs of a software will be remembered for a long time. They are unforgivable if they hurt the customers/users. Because Microsoft and Google publish their Alphas and Betas, the complaints will be even more. Thus, how to solve the worst problems if they appear becomes a critical issue. In the most optimistic case, a hotfix will be appreciated. At least a bug alarm and workaround should be provided.

Why this time the Writer team makes thing even worse? The workarounds were not provided to the community in the first minutes (I found them only when I searched in the group) through the most official media, aka the team blog, until it was too late.

Wish the team could do better next time. After all Writer is a great product of innovation.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024