TritonMate Words: The Upcoming #SNMP Pro Editions

I have been seriously considering the options to commercialize #SNMP, and the decision finally is as below,

  • All source code of existing #SNMP solutions and projects remains under MIT/X11. The MIB related portion is released under BSD 3-Clause.
  • I will create a private fork and launch two closed source products called #SNMP MIB Browser Pro and #SNMP MIB Compiler Pro.

So what does this mean?

  1. Users of #SNMP can now purchase support services from me. Negotiation can go through my mailbox [email protected]. The support services cover both #SNMP open source portion and the upcoming Pro editions.
  2. Users can buy the Pro editions when they are available (no target date yet) or participate in the alpha/beta testing program (start in a few weeks, expected in May, 2013). If you are interested, you can write to [email protected].

Except the two, nothing will change significantly, except that TritonMate will soon be finished due to this strategy shift with all existing changes made.

Even though the Pro editions will add more advanced features, those will be strictly enterprise facing.For example, the Compiler Pro will add the following,

  1. IDE integration with Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio (which provides integrated design-edit-compile experience).
  2. Object type resolution (which enriches metadata collection, and enhances compiler error reporting).
  3. C# source file as compiler output (so that you can use the generated files in your SNMP agent based on #SNMP Agent framework).

Most of them are only meaningful for enterprise users, while individual users should rarely need.

More information on the Pro editions will be revealed soon. Stay tuned.

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