Trident Sign: Prior to Release Day

After four months, we come to another milestone of #SNMP project, the release day of #SNMP Suite 3.0.

Within these days, though the speed is limited, we implemented most of SNMP v3 support in the Library, and addressed reported issues. We tried to introduce brand new features while commit as less changes to the previous interfaces as possible. And today I think it is time to announce the completion of Trident release (3.0).

Obviously we still have the following areas to investigate in the next release (codename is under discussion),

  1. Complete the remaining SNMP v3 pieces.
  2. Add more authentication and privacy providers.
  3. Prepare the Browser to work with SNMP v3.

But I hope you enjoy this release and continue your support on this open source project (by viewing the home page, submitting your comments and reporting issues, and so on).


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Last updated on May 01, 2024