Trident Sign: Driving the Fast Car

I am rushed to my feet to explore on SNMP v3. Actually this time with good materials such as Essential SNMP, Net-SNMP agent, and Snmp#Net, the progress is unexpectedly smooth.

I plan to provide a detailed report once I finish the first revision of full SNMP v3 support. Now I just focus on snmpget command line tool and already finish noAuthNoPriv and authNoPriv modes. Tomorrow I will try to finish authPriv mode.

snmpget -v=3 -l=noAuthNoPriv -u=lextm localhost
snmpget -v=3 -l=authNoPriv -u=lexli -a=MD5 -A=testpass localhost
snmpget -v=3 -l=authNoPriv -u=lextudio -a=sha -A=passtest localhost

Above are the test command lines I use to test snmpget against Net-SNMP agent, and you may notice that I choose a style similar to Net-SNMP snmpget.

I do not yet have a driver license, but I think now I have control of this v3 fast car. :)

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024