Trident Sign: Another Open Source SNMP Library via C#

I just came across another open source SNMP library for .NET, named SnmpSharpNet. Although this project is still a one-man show, and it started around November last year (well, younger than #SNMP), it did implement something missing in our project.

The key advantage of this new library is SNMP v3 support. I have to say it is good news that somebody already implemented that in C#. As SnmpSharpNet is licensed also under LGPL, I think I can visit its repository and grab everything we need.

I sent a mail to its author, but did not receive any reply yet. But its dev blog is cool, which provides a lot of useful information about its design and evolution (just like this blog :)).

Finally #SNMP has a competitor in this field, and in this way I believe both can evolve faster and better. Yes, we are not alone in this open source community.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024