SquareRoot Puzzle: A Pity on Mono Support

A review with MoMA on the suite release shows that the Browser, Compiler and Agent all fails to support Mono due to their dependencies on Windows only libraries.

I cannot make the Browser and Compiler without DockPanel Suite, so I think such a dependency is at least reasonable. In the next few releases, I have no plan to get rid of DockPanel Suite.

But about Unity, I have to say I have so little to change. IoC containers such as Unity (1.* and 2.0), StructureMap (latest), and Spring.NET (latest) all fail to pass MoMA tests, as they hit similar MonoTODO items. Therefore, I have no framework to switch to :(

Hope that Mono 2.8 can improve itself in this area, and then #SNMP Agent can run on it automatically. I don’t believe that developers that target Mono do not use any IoC containers.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024