#SNMP Pro: Pre-Order of #SNMP MIB Compiler Pro is Open

I did not post recently (for more than two weeks), as I was focused on optimizing the performance and fine tuning the compiler. Now the assembler has been sped up more than 10x, so the latest build takes only about 2 minutes to compile 1000+ files (my previous test samples), while the private beta release takes more than 20 minutes. Besides, the improvements of DockPanel Suite 3.0 Alpha give the compiler a better look.

While the private beta program is still open (I really like the advice I received from the dear testers), I think now it is time to accept orders of the compiler and its underlying library. Thus, I have added one page to #SNMP Wiki to demonstrate the features,

Orders can be made via PayPal.

The activation method is exactly the same as the private beta.

More information (1.0 full feature set, 2.0 roadmap, and support contracts) is going to be published in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024