#SNMP Library, Encryption, and Encryption Registration

One user wrote to me recently to ask if I can provide ECCN number of #SNMP Library. I was surprised initially, but later discovered that as a project hosted on both CodePlex and GitHub (US based), and a project with some encryption related code (SNMP v3 privacy support), #SNMP Library does fall into the category and some actions need to be taken. The question is how to get compliance without a lawyer. OK. Let’s see whether US government makes it simple enough for an open source project coordinator to dig it out.

The Examples

If I could find good examples to follow, I think I would not be on the wrong path. So I started to check out Mozilla and Linux. So roughly speaking, open source projects with encryption support are self classified under a single ECCN 5D002.

Extra Notifications

Thus, what else I need to do right now? I check out section 740.139(e) of the EAR, and find the email addresses I should contact. Then I write a mail to detail #SNMP Library project and its source code on GitHub, and cc (as this indicates).

That probably finishes all pieces of tasks this time (till the next modification on the encryption part).

Of course, if you get a lawyer you might get better advice.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024