#SNMP Design: Will You Do An Agent in C#?

Today a post in the Discussions section asked if #SNMP library can be used to send out TRAP message. You can read my reply here because I don’t want to copy myself. But this is really a question I don’t have the answer. So how many C# developers are doing SNMP agent development?

I have just created a poll at my blog. So if you are doing C# SNMP agent, vote it. If there are enough requirement, I am going to enhance #SNMP library in that field.


Now #SNMP 4 introduced an agent reference design, #SNMP Agent. We already did a lot of improvement in version 5 development phase, and now it is much more powerful and Mono/openSUSE compliant. Please check out this post

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Last updated on April 14, 2024