#SNMP Design: The Ship Map Ready

Like I said in the previous post, Steve and I had a long discussion this morning and worked out a small list of items for CrossRoad. (Note that we don’t count bugs, as we want to fix them all as soon as possible always.)

Now we have four items listed here in the Issue Tracker, open for CrossRoad,

  1. 3709: Unity will be used in both Browser and Compiler. (done)
  2. 2278: I will make the Compiler 1.0 ready. (done)
  3. 3708: Steve will implement TRAP and INFORM support in the Browser.
  4. 3408: I will integrate Browser and Compiler so we can add/remove/load/unload MIB modules easily.

I have to confess the Compiler 1.0 is a big task, as we have to add a lot of basic features to make it useful. But don’t worry, I already have a lot of ideas about it in mind. Now it is time to put them into this tool.

Well, Steve provides 3.0 a codename of Trident. This follows our tradition that every codenames implicitly contains the version number.

We are open to any comments. Please share your ideas with us here.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024