#SNMP Design: Take A Break

Now my 9-day-long vacation is going to end. It is really nice vacation because,

  • I have chances to visit big stores here to purchase shirts, trousers, and shoes,
  • I can enjoy 10-hour-long sound sleep every day without any interrupt,

But the most important thing is that I can put into practice a lot of ideas for #SNMP. This is a short overview of what I have coded these days,

  1. Command line MIB compiler prototype created,
  2. GUI MIB prototype created,
  3. 1000+ MIB test passed,

OK. The list is short, but it is not easy to accomplish the items. I never expected I could make them weeks ago, but now dreams come true. Hope you enjoy these prototypes and provide your suggestions.

I feel bit of nervous because I will be on-board for my new job at Microsoft next Monday (October 6th). Therefore, I have to take a break from #SNMP and start to prepare.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024