#SNMP Design: Table Manipulation

I believe the table manipulation is one of the hardest things in SNMP world. Therefore, I have tried my best to make it simple for #SNMP users.

Have you tried Manager.GetTable method? In most cases, a simple call to this method provides you the rows and columns. But I want you to pay attention to some points.

Table OID

The OID you pass to this method must be a valid OID for a table. If you pass in an entry OID or other, I cannot guarantee you get what you want.

Sparse Table

Some SNMP agent does not fill in gaps inside tables. In such cases, #SNMP cannot generate a correct output matrix so the result is wrong. I am already aware of this bug but I do not have time to further investigate this issue at this moment.

The Implementation

The current implementation of GetTable is based on GET NEXT operation. Thus, it is not the most efficient but I hope I can tune it later.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on April 19, 2024