#SNMP Design: Specification Document Draft Published

This is an invitation to everyone interested in #SNMP.

Like other open source projects I maintain in the past, #SNMP lacks of documents. Although I have a lot of posts here about it, I think it is not yet enough for users to understand the bits. Therefore when I received a mail from a student, I found it is hard for me to help out.


I am working on the SharpSNMP project as my graduate course work, to build more Unit test cases on the SNMPlibrary. I see that there are already built test cases for the basic SNMP functions like the MIB verification and variable verification. But, it is very difficult to understand the flow of the code base. It would be great if you could supply us with any documents on the code base that you have.


Starting from yesterday, a new document is under work to publish the information this student, as well as other users, may be interested in. It is a specification file in Google Docs here .

Please provide me comments so that I can improve it weekend by weekend. :)

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Last updated on April 19, 2024