#SNMP Design: Must Be TDD

I never knew I could deliver a TDD project before I finished reading Kent Beck’s book. However, I was wrong.

In fact, TDD is easy.

In the past few months, with the help of ReSharper and NUnit, I had successfully added a few unit test cases into a legacy project. The outcome of my hard work is so perfect that I got rid of worries about those pieces.

Now from #SNMP on, I think I have a good reason to start any projects with TDD in mind. Why? With my code tested, I have more confident than ever.

I wish I could finish reading Kent’s book soon, because I am still not sure how to improve my TDD knowledge. I believe there are still things I miss.

And surely I keep hard working on #SNMP, as it is a nice place to practice the knowledge.

The good news is that yesterday I checked in a new version of #SNMP which contains most XML comments. I have added Counter32 and Gauge32 type support, too. It seems that the Halfbaked release is coming near.

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Last updated on April 19, 2024