#SNMP Design: Meet Our Compiler Guys

I should say it is nice to hear from Patrick and Robert this morning. It makes today really special.

Patrick and Robert have experience on compiler/parser in the past, so that when they played with my poor MIB compiler design soon problems arise. So that they plan to write a new compiler with a classic approach, BNF.

It is interesting to know BNF can be used to write compilers because I only hear about YACC (Malcolm’s MIB compiler was based on YACC, but I could not maintain that complex project).

I believe that when most of us were that young, we dreamt of writing our own C/C++ compilers. Well, not all of us achieve that ultimate goal, but Patrick and Robert decided to help on #SNMP and contribute a new MIB compiler.

Right now, these guys are working hard on the specifications, so let’s be patient. :) I will keep you updated with the latest news. Stay tuned.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024