#SNMP Design: Lucky Day

Today must be my lucky day. Now I am happy to announce that my MIB parser hits the first milestone. All 70 Net-SNMP bundled MIB files can be successfully parsed by it. So #SNMP is ready to provide users a MIB tree that contains all basic nodes in the next major release, NineHeaded.

Because I have posted so many times today to report the progress, I guess none of you is surprised at the last post from me today. But if you are interested, you can download and have a look at the latest source code here.

From now on, the source code enters 0.7 phase, and focus on Work Item 2277. I guess soon I can finish Work Item 2154, an underway item.

Stay tuned.

(Update: TFS has some issue so I am going to publish source code later.)

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Last updated on May 01, 2024