#SNMP Design: Latest FAQ Addition

1. Why when I compile the source code an error is displayed about AssemblyInfo task?

Answer: Please open readme.txt in the source code package to see what is missing on your computer.

2. Which language does this library support?

Answer: Technically speaking, all .NET languages are supported, such as C#, VB.NET, Delphi Prism , C++/CLI, IronPython, IronRuby, and so on.

3. Is this library thread safe?

Answer: Not yet. Please use static methods in Manager or Agent component which should be thread safe.

4. How to diagnose problems?

Answer: A general approach is like this,

  • Does this problem reproducible?
  • Do other libraries behave the same? Please test with Net-SNMP which is also open source.
  • Does the latest build in the repository work?
  • Is this a known issue ?
  • Prepare extra information (a Wireshark or Network Monitor log for network traffic, stack trace for exceptions, MIB file for parser errors). Then open a bug report here with the log file attached.

5. Why some methods are marked as Obsolete?

Answer: After 1.5 release, #SNMP Library API will be changed a little bit. Therefore, some methods are obsolete from now on. Please avoid using them from now on.

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